Star Apple Varieties

 From the Tropical Fruit Photography Picture Archive
by Ian Maguire

Two distinct color types exist; purple and greenish yellow peel. A few varieties of caimito are in south Florida including 'Haitian Star', a purple peel type, and 'Blanco Star', a green peel type.

'Haitian Star'

'Haitian' 'Haitian' 'Haitian'
Fig. 1
'Haitian Star'
Fig. 2
'Haitian Star'
Fig. 3
'Haitian Star'

'Blanco Star'

'Blanco Star' 'Blanco Star' "Blanco Star' and 'Haitian Star'
Fig. 4
'Blanco Star'
Fig. 5
'Blanco Star'
Fig. 6
'Blanco Star' and 'Haitian Star'

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Fig. 1,2,3,4,5,6 Maguire, Ian. Caimito 'Haitian Star' and 'Blanco Star.' 2011. From the Tropical Fruit Photography Picture Archive. Web. 25 Dec. 2014.

Published 25 Dec. 2014 LR
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