Characteristics of mamey sapote cultivars and each cultivar's suitability
for planting in the home landscape.

From the Horticultural Sciences Department, Florida Cooperative Extension Service
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida

Cultivar Source1 Maturity season Fruit size grams/ounces Pulp color Flavor Tree size/habit4 Yield Cold tolerance Precocity Rec. for home landscapes5
'Copan' TREC July-Aug. 425-900/15-32 Red Excellent spreading High Yes No No
'Magana' TREC April-May 740-2400/26-85 Pink Good Small/slow growing High No Yes* Yes
'Mayapan' TREC July-Aug. 510-1135/18-40 Red Good Tall/upright High Yes No Yes
'Tazumal' 2 TREC Jan.-Feb. 400-850/14-30 Pink Good Medium High Yes* Yes No
'AREC' No. 3 3 TREC July-Sept. 400-740/14-26 Pink Poor-good Medium Medium Unknown Unknown No
(Key West)
'Pantin' July-Aug. 400-1130/14-40 Pink-red Excellent Tall Medium Yes No Yes
'Piloto' 'Lara' Aug.-Sept. 400-740/14-26 Pink-red Excellent Medium Medium No No No
'Pace' 'Lara' Mar.-Apr. 425-900/15-32 Salmon Excellent Tall High Yes Yes* Yes
'Florida' 'Lara' Mar.-Apr. 400-1130/14-40 Pink-red Good Tall High No No No
'Lara' 'Lara' Aug.-Sept. 400-1130/14-40 Red Excellent* Unknown Unknown Yes* Unknown Yes
'Chenox' Zill May-June 400-850/14-30 Pink Good Medium Medium Unknown Unknown No
'Abuelo' Acosta Oct.-Nov. 740-2400/26-85 Deep red Excellent Spreading Medium Unknown Unknown No
'Francisco Fernancez' Lessard & Lara Aug.-Sept. 560-700/20-25 Pink-red Excellent Upright Medium No Unknown No
'Flores' Economou Nov.-Dec. 740-2400/26-85 Red Excellent Upright Unknown Unknown Unknown No
'Viejo' Martinez Dec. 400-560/16-20 Deep red Excellent Spreading Unknown Yes* Yes* No
1 TREC, Tropical Research and Education Center; Pantin, Don Pantin; Lara, Pablo Lara; Zill, Lawrence Zill; Lessard, Bill Lessard; Acosta, Beinvenido Acosta; Lessard & Lara, William Lessard and Pablo Lara; Economou, Tom Economou; Martinez, Ramon Martinez.

2 1-2 seeds per fruit

3 3-4 seeds per fruit

4 Observations on many cultivars have not been completed

5 Recommended for planting in the home landscape

* emphasized

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