From the Rare Fruit Society of South Australia, Inc.
by Margaret and John Poole

Seasons in Australia are opposite to those in the US, as summer is during the months of December, January and February. Autumn is March, April, May; winter is June, July, August; Spring is September, October and November.

Fruit Production

Some of our espalier grown fruit


Springcrest Peach
Springcrest peach

Red Sensation Pear
Red Sensation pear

Red Globe Grape
Red Globe grape

Red Conadria Fig
Red Conadria fig

Rainbow White Sapote
Rainbow white sapote

Queen Giant Nectarine
Queen Giant nectarine


Pike White Sapote
Pike white sapote



No-name Pear
No-name pear

Mammoth Quince
Mammoth quince

Malasian Guava
Malasian guava


Lady William Apple
Lady William apple

Unripe Jujube
Unripe jujube

Izu Persimmon
Izu persimmon

Ichikikei Jiro Persimmon
Ichikikei Jiro persimmon

Ichikikei Jiro Close-up
Ichikikei Jiro close-up

Hunter Apricot
Hunter apricot

Hosui Nashi Fruit
Hosui Nashi fruit 

Hayward Kiwifruit
Hayward kiwifruit

Yellow Cherry Guava
Yellow cherry guava

Red Cherry Guava
Red cherry guava

Golden Noble Apple
Golden Noble apple

Giant Prune
Giant prune

Young De Coppi Marone Chestnuts
Young De Coppi Marone chestnuts

Cleopatra Apples
Cleopatra apples


Cherimoya Fruit
Cherimoya fruit

Autumn Giant Plum
Autumn Giant plum

Angelina Plum
Angelina plum

Akayaki Persimmon
Akayaki persimmon

Sweet Granadilla Flower
Sweet granadilla flower

Sweet Granadilla Buds
Sweet granadilla buds

Grand Duke Plum
Grand Duke plum

Raine Claude Plum
Raine Claude plum

Vicar of Winkfield Pear
Vicar of Winkfield pear

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Poole, Margaret and John. "Fruit Production." Rare Fruit Society of South Australia Inc. Web. 3 Mar. 2016.

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