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Breadfruit Collection

'Apuapua'  'G. Wilder Brash' 
'Hamoa'  'Huero' 
'1010'  'Kahaluu' 
'Kukumu Tasi'  'Lemae'
'Maire'  'Mei Chon'
'Mei Kakano'  'Mei Maoi'
'Mei Puou'  'Mei Tehid'
'Mein Pohnsakar'  'Meriaur'
'Musunwa'  'Poamoho Prickly'
'Nahnmwal'  'Pua'a'
'Puero'  'Teahimatoa'

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Breadfruit Collection. N.d. United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. Web. 23 Aug. 2014.

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