Pomegranate Varieties

'Wonderful' is grown commercially in California, having been exported as cuttings from Florida. 'Purple Seed' and 'Spanish Ruby' are
popular dooryard cultivars. 1

'Sin Pepe'

'Sin Pepe''Sin Pepe''Sin Pepe''Sin Pepe'
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Certain traits of various pomegranate cultivars under evaluation in Florida

SelectionRussian no.aYieldbTaste PanelcSeeddColore
SakerdzeR54538HLt. pink
Angel Red f3775SCream
Medovyi Vahsha1568SPink
Sin Pepe1275SCream

a See <http://www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/extension/pomegranates/cultivars.shtml> for a complete list of Russian selections.
b No. fruit/plant. Measured when the plants were 2 years old.
c Percentage of favorable taste responses to fruit harvested on August 30, 2011 when the plants were 2 years old. See the <Water Conserv II> website button for additional details.
d S=soft hardness; M=medium; H=hard.
e Peel color and seed color are not necessarily the same. The color listed is primarily for the seed [aril] color. Furthermore, the colors of both parts of the fruit are as they were on August 30, 2011.
f Angel Red is a patented cultivar. Planting it requires an agreement from the owner. 2

Further Reading
Cultivar Selection Guide for Florida-Grown Pomegranates: Horticultural Traits from the University of Florida ext. link
Planning a Pomegranate Orchard: Cultivar Selection from the University of Florida UF/IFAS/CREC pdf

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