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Pawpaw Variety Development: A History and Future Prospects by R. Neil Peterson pdf 6 pages

Peterson Pawpaws now offer six outstanding varieties. These were selected by Neal Peterson from among the 1500+ open-pollinated seedlings that he raised in his orchards, after 20 years of careful evaluation. They are protected by plant patents.

Please note that the colors are not realistic, color should be yellow on all fruit, although some are paler such as Shenandoah and some darker such as Wabash (N. Peterson)

'Allegheny' TM
'Allegheny'Allegheny treeFruit showing pulp and seeds
Allegheny Trademark

Medium fleshiness. Percent seed ~ 8% by weight.
Flavor sweet, rich, a hint of citrus. Texture medium firm, smooth. Flesh color yellow.
Fruit size typically less than 8 oz. Very productive to the point that fruit size suffers.
Trees will require fruit thinning to keep fruit size over 8 oz.
This has been a continual favorite of those who taste it.
Customer pressure has persuaded me to introduce this one, even though it is smaller and seedier than I normally accept.

 'Potomac' TM
'Potomac''Potomac' flesh and seeds'Potomac' trademark

Extremely fleshy. Percent seed ~ 4% by weight.
Flavor sweet and rich. Texture firm, melting, smooth. Flesh color medium yellow.
Fruit size typically 12+ oz. Medium productivity.
Strong apical dominance - ie, the tree grows very upright, is less spreading than most.
The overall fruit quality on this variety is impressive.
Dr. Pomper (KSU) insisted I release this.

'Rappahannock' TM

Rappahannock is a superior tree for picking fruit from. The fruit is easier to spot among the foliage, because of the horizontal habit of the leaves, and because its fruits typically change to a yellowish-green when they are ready to pick. These are large, beautiful, well-shaped and symmetrical fruits, whether borne singly or in clusters. The flavor is superior as well, very sweet and refreshing. This tree originated as a seedling from a tree in the Blandy Experimental Farm collection. Rappahannock has large fruit (though somewhat smaller the two varieties) with a firm flesh and few seeds (6% by weight). Very vigorous with good yields.

Firm flesh
Good yield
Fleshy - only 3% seed
Sweet refreshing flavor
More regular & uniform shape
Earlier harvest (some color break plus horizantally held leaves)

'Shenandoah' TM
'Shenandoah''Shenandoah''Shenandoah' flesh and seed'Shenandoah' trademark

Shenandoah has been the clear favorite of my pawpaw customers at the Dupont Circle farmers market in Washington, DC. Even doubters and scoffers have been converted to pawpw lovers by this variety! It is a real taste treat -- smooth, custardy texture, with just the right balance of fragrance, sweet fruity flavor and agreeable aftertaste. This tree originated as a seedling of 'Overleese' and, it must be said, is superior to its parent. Large fruit with few seeds (6% by weight). Texture is firmer than wild pawpaws but softer than the other two varieties. Fruit is often borne in single-fruited clusters. Good yields. Shenandoah responds well to pruning.

Good Yields
Sweet mild flavor
Fleshy - only 6% seed
Succulent, custardy texture
Most popular at DC farmers market
Responds well to pruning

'Susquehanna' TM
'Susquehanna''Susquehanna''Susquehanna' flesh and seeds
'Susquehanna' trademark

Susquehanna is without a doubt my personal favorite -- if I had to choose one. Outstanding for combining very large size with rich pawpaw flavor, great sweetness, exceptional fleshiness, and firm buttery texture, this particular variety makes an especially beautiful ornamental tree in the home landscape. This tree originated as a seedling from the collection of the Blandy Experimental Farm. It has the largest fruit of our three varieties, sometimes weighing over a pound. With a firm texture similar to avocado and a thickish skin, Susquehanna is less fragile than most. It has the fewest seeds of any variety (3% by weight). Moderate to good yields. Responds well to pruning.

Very fleshy - only 3% seed
Very sweet, rich flavor
Firm, buttery texture
Fruit size very large
Moderate yields
Responds well to pruning

'Wabash' TM
'Wabash''Wabash' flesh and seeds'Wabash' trademark

Very fleshy. Percent seed ~ 6% by weight.
Flavor sweet and rich. Texture medium firm, creamy, smooth. Flesh color yellow to orangish.
Fruit size typically 8-12 oz. Good productivity.
The overall fruit quality and quantity on this variety is excellent.
A favorite of those who have tasted it at the KSU orchard.
Dr. Pomper also insisted I release this one.

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