From the Archives of the Rare Fruit Council of Australia, inc.
by Gene Joyner

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The Grumichama: Quick to Grow, Lovely to Behold and a Juicy Treat to Boot!

Eugenia dombeyi or E. brasiliensis

Most grumichamas in the nursery trade are grown from seed and seedlings produce acceptable quality fruits, but generally take about two years before they reach a bearing size. Seed germinate quickly, about one month after planting, so if you propagate grumichamas from this year's crop or seed, you can have a good-sized shrub by the end of the year.There are some varieties that produce larger fruit and these can be propagated by cuttings or by grafting.

Grumichamas have few serious pest problems and little spraying is needed once they have been established in the landscape. Grumichamas are not highly salt-tolerant, so keep them protected from strong winds. Young plants can be injured by the cold, but mature plants will tolerate temperature down to 26°F without serious difficulty. For the best growth and fruiting, plant the grumichama in full sun or light shade and fertilize lightly but frequently with a good quality fruit tree type fertilizer.

The grumichama can grow well in a container and can be fruited quite easily in a 6 or 8-inch container. So even if you don't have an outside growing area you can still enjoy this delicious tropical fruit.

There are no named varieties of grumichama at local nurseries; however, there are a lot of differences in size and fruiting characteristics and you should try to collect seed from superior plants.

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