Bacupari - Garcinia gardneriana *- (Planch. & Triana) Zappi
Garcinia gardneriana
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Garcinia gardnerianaFig. 3

Three arils
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Flesh removed
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Flesh removed

Buds forming
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Buds forming

Fruit habit
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Flowering habit

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Flowering habit
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Three year old seedling
Fig. 12
Three year old seedling


Common Name



Rheedia gardneriana Planch. & Triana, Rheedia gardneriana var. parviflia Engler, Rheedia tenuifloia Engler, Rheedia calyptrata Planch. & Triana, Tovomita calyptrata Schlecht 2

Clusiaceae (alt. Guttiferae)

5-10 meters

evergreen with a dense crown, slow growth

acidic, pulpy flesh. Sweet white pulp
Light Requirement

under-canopy tree that succeeds in full sun

* There is disagreement between botanists over the correct placing of this species, with some recognizing the genus Rheedia and placing this species in that genus as Rheedia gardneriana (treated here as a synonym) 1


It's range is South America - Paraguay, southern, eastern, central and northern Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela. A popular fruit within its native range, being gathered from the wild and also commonly cultivated in home gardens. An ornamental tree, it is used in urban tree planting. 2 It has a very tasty fruit but it has little edible pulp. The fruit is around 5cm in

diameter. 1

Although in nature the tree grows in the shade of the rainforest, it produces more fruit when growing in a sunny position. Trees can withstand periodic inundation. Newly planted young trees are slow to establish and grow. Young trees, planted in a sunny position, commence fruiting sooner than plants growing in shady positions. 2

Seed - best sown as soon as it is ripe, in a shady position in individual containers. A germination rate in excess of 80% is usually achieved with the seed sprouting in 60 - 80 days. The seedlings grow slowly. 3 (Fig. 12)

The wood is soft, moderately heavy, moderately durable under natural conditions. It is used for the manufacture of tool handles, fence posts, general construction etc. 3
Landscape tree.

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