From the Archives of the Rare Fruit Society of South Australia, inc.
by Margaret and John Poole

Seasons in Australia are opposite to those in the US.  Summer is Dec. Jan. Feb. Autumn is Mar. Apr. May. Winter is June July Aug. Spring is Sept. Oct. Nov.

Espalieried Trees

Dormant Raineclaude Plum
Dormant Raineclaude plum

Plumcot flowering
Plumcot flowering

Young White Sapote
Young white sapote

White Sapote
White sapote

Young Persimmon
Young persimmon

Akayaki Persimmon
Akayaki persimmon

Rymerson Persimmon
Rymerson persimmon

Ripe Persimmons
Ripe persimmons


O'Henry Peach
O'Henry peach

Hosui Nashi Fruit
Hosui Nashi fruit

Malasian Guava
Malasian guava

Young Kensington Mango
Young Kensington mango

Dormant Jujube
Dormant jujube


Hairless Kiwifruit
Hairless kiwifruit

Young Fig
Young fig

Well shaped Fig branches
Well shaped fig branches

Dormant Figs
Dormant figs


Harcot Apricot
Harcot apricot

Hunter Apricot
Hunter apricot

Ultra-violet stable engraved label
Ultra-violet stable engraved label

Chip budded apple
Chip budded apple

Plum top grafted to change variety
Plum top grafted to change variety

Side grafted Plum
Side grafted plum

Side grafted Apple
Side grafted apple

Ripe Autumn Giant Plum
Ripe Autumn giant plum

Re- worked Mulberry
Re- worked mulberry

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Poole, Margaret and John. "Espaliered Trees." Rare Fruit Society of South Australia Inc. Web. 3 Mar. 2016.

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