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by Roger Goebel

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Carambola Varieties

Scientific name: Averrhoa carambola
Family: Oxalidaceae

At the last general meeting, there was an impressive range of Carambola or five corner fruit varieties. The opportunity to start this taste comparison and description chart was taken. With help from the Highams, Fitzroy Nursery and the Kleinmeulman's, the chart has been expanded to cover 11 varieties growing in this area.

With Carambolas, it appears that they do not ripen very much after picking. It also appears that the greenish or white varieties are lower in acid and are palatable when not fully ripe, unlike the yellow types that must be picked when fully ripe.

Fwang TungGood-FairFair-SweetLarge
14x10 cm
Mostly white, green ridgeThin wings, pointed end, uneven ridgeLow in skin blemish. Packs poorly. Wings damage - solf, large wings. Wavy ridge
Thai KnightSweetMedium
Orange, green ridgeSmall wings, pointed endLow in skin blemish. Close to Arkin and B10 (B10 is oval) (Arkin is not as sweet)
Light orangeVery thick wings. Rounded blunt ends. Even oval shapeLow in skin blemish. Some fruits taste bland. Very thick wings. Smooth skin. Close to Arkin and Thai knight
Yellow orangeEven shape. slight pointed endMinor skin blemish. Long fruit. skin dimpled
Green whiteEven shape. Slight pointed endGood appearance. Juicy
Giant SiamGoodSweetLarge
Yellow whiteEven shape. Pointed end
Gold, green ridge Even shape. Blunt endPacks well. Attractive gold and green colour. Bio-oval close to Thai Knight- sweeter
Yellow, green ridgePointed end, thick wingsSimilar to B2 with crisp long fruit
WheelerPoor-FairFairMediumYellow orange of light greenThin wingsNot juicy
Wings light green, white coreWings thin. Slight pointed endClose to Fwang Tung. Ridge nos as wavy
White, green ridgeThin wings, blunt endVery thin wings. Transports fair. Skin dimpled fair when green. Not juicy
MahaFair-GoodMedium sweetSmall
WhiteThick wings, pointed endGranny smith apple characteristic. Acceptable flavour when not fully ripe

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Goebel, Roger. "Carambola Varieties." Archives of the Rare Fruit Council of Australia. The Capricornia Branch R.F.C. of A. Newsletter Vol. 3 No.4. Sept. 1986. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.

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