Article from the Tropical Fruit News magazine of the Miami Rare Fruit Council International
by Yasseen Mohamed-Yassseen, Ph.D., University of Florida TREC

Uncommon Uses of Avocado

Oil Products

Avocado fruit contains from 5 to 25 oil depending on the cultivar, making it a good source for oil (Smith and Winter, 1971; Tango et al., 1972) About 30 of the avocado crop in Brazil is processed in oil. Donadio (1984) cited that the quantity of avocado oil produced per hectare is four to five times that produced from peanut, soybean or cotton oil; considering their production in Brazil. avocado oil is used in cosmetics, high quality soaps, pharmaceutical products and as a high grade salad oil (International Board for Plant Genetic Resources, 1986).

Avocado oil is also used in cosmetics as an ingredient in skin moisturizer, cleansing cream, makeup base, sunscreen, and hair conditioner (Swisher, 1988). Schroeder, (1965) reported that leaves of the Mexican avocado race may be -used for making a tasty wine due to the nice flavor wich they contain.
Uses in Folk Medicine

Among the Guatemalan Indians, avocado pulp is often rubbed upon the hair and scalp; it is considered highly efficacious in stimulating the growth of the hair, and seed infusion is also used as a remedy for dysentery and diarrhea (Popenoe, 1919). In Paraguay, a decoction and cold maceration from leaves are used in folk medicine for regulating fertility (Arenas and Azorero, 1977).
Uses in Animal Feed

Pulp residue after oil extraction can be used as stock feed. Tests made at the University of California showed that avocado meal, being fairly palatable and having high energy and protein content, has the potential to be used as a stock feed. (Anon, 1939).
Avocado Wood

The wood of avocado trees has little value. It bums rapidly and gives off scant heat; consequently, it is not considered as firewood. (Popenoe, 1919). It is light in color and does not crack or split upon drying and is used for rolling pins and similar articles.

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