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How to Grow an Avocado Tree

Have you ever wanted to grow some thing that is fun for you kids and really easy? well you need an avocado. Watching a plant grow from seed, can be a very rewarding experience, knowing that you were a part of this magnificent creation. Avocado trees that have not been grafted will bear after 4-5 years after being planted in the soil. Avocado trees provide sufficient shade and hard to reach fruit provides food for birds, beetles etc.

Step 1
Save the avocado seed the next time you purchase the produce.
Gently cut away the outside of the avocado without harming the seed. (you can use the leftover fruit for dip.)
Wash the seed under faucet water.

Avocado Seed in Water Glass with Toothpicks

Step 2
Get four toothpicks and gently stick them in the sides of the avocado around the center (pointed side of the avocado up.)

Step 3
Get a clear glass of water and place the avocado in it round side in the water. use the tooth picks to keep the top from being under water.

Avocado Sprout
A young, two week old avocado sprout

Avocado Sprouting

Step 4
Set it in a well lit area such as a window and wait.
In a few weeks, your avocado will grow roots. A few weeks later, it will grow a small stem. When the stem appears, remove it from the water and place it in a small pot root side down and cover it with potting soil, leaving an inch or two of the top of the avocado showing.

Step 5
Let your tree grow into a beautiful plant. Water it every few days, but don't over water it. Your tree most likely will never fruit but it is quite a beautiful plant.

Step 6
Alternatively, you can transfer the plant into the soil and watch this grow into a beautiful tree. The tree should bear fruit after 4-5 years after planting into soil.

Note from This method of propagation usually  does not come true from seed.

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